Second Hand Clothing Grades

We take pride in carefully grading each item to ensure that you receive the best possible quality. By providing you with transparent grading information, we aim to support your decision-making process and help you make informed choices for your business.

Grade A:

All items in this grade are in excellent condition, resembling new and showing no visible indications of wear. They have been carefully inspected and handpicked for their outstanding quality. We strive to maintain a high standard of quality, but due to the nature of the sorting process, there is a possibility that a small number of B grade items may unintentionally slip through into the grade A selection. However, rest assured that we meticulously inspect and handpick each item to ensure exceptional quality and minimise any potential flaws.

Grade B:

Items in this grade are still in good condition and wearable. However, they may have minor flaws and signs of wear, such as marks, stains, pinholes, or slight fabric pilling. These items can still be resold and enjoyed, and with a little attention and care, they can often be improved to a higher grade.

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